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Re: DIY Float Line Help

i have a few sets of the fancy plugs but i will tell you this- the cheap pvc tubing isnt nearly as nice as the relaxed rubber used on riffe float lines.
craigs float lines has the relaxed rubber and all the accessories i think.
do what gr said - you are wasting your time.
one fish spine into that rubber and it fills with water and sinks

you can make your own plugs out of starboard or ipe hardwood- start with a 3/8"diameter dowel of whatever material you want to use- plastic is nice - but ipe is harder and more durable- just hand carve and sand and drill etc.- make a groove to wrap the whipping twine around etc.- that is the only way to do it without getting the expensive metal plugs from neptonics (they are so nice though)
i just waited for someone to get their riffe float line bitten by sharks and i took them and took out the plugs- that happened 2 times - plus i bought 1 set from neptonics - so i have 3 sets sitting around in a tackle box

i have a white pvc/ combo bungee float line from neptonics that is so nice - but it aint cheap or durable - but it is definitely the smoothest thing in the water - with no drag at all to swim with but i use for wahoo only and i am anal about protecting it

if you insist on pursuing this pm me and i will send you the plugs i have for a discount- but rest assured - you will be far happier with a store bought one from riffe or one you make with - with similar quality.
the ones made with the clear pvc from home depot are too stiff but they are a bit more durable than the more rubbery variety sold by riffe or craigs
the clear stuff is more plasticy and the riffe ones are more rubbery- the rubbery ones are super smooth and high performance
the clear stuff is stiffer but a bit tougher but not as smooth or easy to swim with and it has a "memory"- so if you store it and it kinks or it is in loops - when you play it out - it is coily in the water- where as the riffe ones etc. have no memory

i made some cool float lines from bungee material from ebay - just straight bungee - 1/2"diameter- they have all colors available it floats - stretches - and costs like 60$ for 250'

a trick i use for the shop vac method (tony was at my house and and we were doing one ) was to tie the thread to a q tip- and suck that through

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