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Re: DIY Float Line Help

Originally Posted by Impaler Spearguns View Post
i have a white pvc/ combo bungee float line from neptonics that is so nice - but it aint cheap or durable - but it is definitely the smoothest thing in the water - with no drag at all to swim with but i use for wahoo only and i am anal about protecting it
x2 on the ultra low drag factor of PVC floatline - spending couple of hours swimming into hard current with PVC is so much easier than rope [assuming low-drag float of course] and noticeably easier than heavy bungee. yes it is more fragile than HD bungee [but the heavy spectra inside survives doggies ripping it thru the coral] but cheap and easy to replace

PVC floatline connected to 3 metre 3X stretch bungee at gun end, with heatshrink over the floatline-bungee connection, super low drag and nothing to get hung up on when fish takes off

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