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Re: DIY Float Line Help

Originally Posted by kavachi View Post
Looking for replacement floatline for tuna board.

Needs to be approx 6mm to fit camcleat, and i’ve found that diam good balance between low drag in current but thick enough to hand haul, tough enough for the camcleat and hold up when a doggie wraps it up deep. Also needs to be hi-vis color on surface, bright yellow or orange. hopefully reasonably UV-resistant dye, as got years out of last rig.

Obviously needs to float, but not super floaty like the traplines. Low stretch as it needs to stop the fish dead once the shaft end bungee is maxed out [retrieving gear off the reef 30m+ in raging current with scuba gets boring very quickly]

The orange yellow fleck MFP braid I had on the board was great - nice hard stiff carrier and tight laid so doesnt bunch along core when cleating hard like some of the cheap dinghy sheetlines, but no idea what brand it was, and some prick knocked it off so cant ID. the Samson MFP floatline’s closest looking stuff

Thing thats hardest to gauge online is each line's stiffness and memory in water, propensity to tangle. most of the yacht braids are designed to be softer to grip winch drum and to tail nicely - looking for the opposite for use on tuna board, hence looking at hard MFP braid floatlines like Samson’s 6mm MFP, which also has good colour

Greatly appreciate any reccos, pointers
Still searching for the right line for tuna board - tried the 1/4" Samson linked above but still too supple, too much tendency to snake around and wrap up.
I could go up to 3/8" MFP which will have the stiffness, but a lot more drag, more freight $$, and will have to buy a bigger cam cleat.
Anyone out there found some nice stiff MFP or similar hard small-diameter floating line?
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