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Originally Posted by grey2112 View Post
The internet is horrible for reading comprehension. I know Brent and am related to him. He is one of the most responsible stewards of the ocean I've ever met. You are wrong here. I know you didn't intend to be confrontational or a dick, based on the facts as you saw them, and I agree it could be read the way you did. But you are wrong here. Let it drop, please.

I appreciate your passion here, and you are right to be upset by poachers, but Brent and his friends are not your enemy.
It's all good - I don't really agree with the new limits - but to live in a place where people come to visit and shit all over it- gets old.
I guarantee if you made your living on the water in the keys and you read this post - you would likely feel the same way.
I actually enjoyed the story until I read it the second time and caught the statement -" EACH got a COUPLE smaller blacks" idk how that is supposed to read - but I took it to mean thay each got a couple smaller blacks - even the word "smaller" - leads the reader to believe that the other blacks they shot were smaller than the ones in the original story- right? otherwise what were they SMALLER than?
I will not respond or type any more on the subject- it's over for me.
I said my piece.
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