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Originally Posted by triponempa View Post
It's all good - I don't really agree with the new limits - but to live in a place where people come to visit and shit all over it- gets old.
I guarantee if you made your living on the water in the keys and you read this post - you would likely feel the same way.
I actually enjoyed the story until I read it the second time and caught the statement -" EACH got a COUPLE smaller blacks" idk how that is supposed to read - but I took it to mean thay each got a couple smaller blacks - even the word "smaller" - leads the reader to believe that the other blacks they shot were smaller than the ones in the original story- right? otherwise what were they SMALLER than?
I will not respond or type any more on the subject- it's over for me.
I said my piece.
3 grouper were brought in on one day by 3 different shooters. 1 grouper was brought in another day. Sorry for the lack of detail. Do you read posts to just bash, or try to pound your chest? Lol I just find it comical you looked at it that way.
Grow a pair, dive harder than most, be smart, and teach people what you learn to make them better divers. That was the whole intension of me even posting this to begin with. Did you even realize that? There's so many spearos on this forum who want to learn something by reading posts. If I can teach someone how to freeshaft a fish, I will some way or another. Be positive!
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