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Re: My Carbo

Originally Posted by triponempa View Post
I hope you weren't poaching- it was you who clearly told a story of shooting your black with the long story - then you typed the third from last sentence- "I watched Matt shoot his first black a minute later about 8 lbs. Myself Matt, and Cameron EACH shot a COUPLE smaller blacks" this was what you typed .
Either you meant to put it another way- or you were poaching.
You typed it.
So to recap - you told the detailed story about the nice black you got - then said each of you shot a couple smaller blacks.
I'm sure you are really a tough guy - despite what your pics would suggest - so I definatly don't want you mad at me- but you clearly said what you said- and it sounds like you each shot a couple smaller blacks- AFTER shooting your first one. It was either a typo or you don't know the rules.
I will apoligize for the hog comment- it was baseless and over the top.- But the multiple blacks IDK.

If it WAS a typo - it was YOUR typo- not mine. If you were poaching - then you deserve to be called out for putting it out there like that.-" Each got a couple smaller blacks" how does that read to you?
Either way- I will be the bad guy for calling it out- ID care if you like it. I live here.
Poach your own waters and I won't say a word.
You shoot commercial too huh? never got a black before though? hmmmmm
**** you too poacher .
If you had suspicions you could have asked a question or sent a PM for clearification but instead you made an assumption and a pretty big ass of yourself. I think your real issue with this is that you are taking the stereotypical "Conch" attitude regarding visitors shooting "your" fish.

Funny thing with you complaining about Lee...... You sound exactly like him. You related?
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