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Re: FS: 65" Wong Ono

Originally Posted by Impaler Spearguns View Post
been trying to sell it since nov 11? for half price?
I thought everyone loved these guns!?
I'm glad I took this one as a trade in- and I don't own it- because it
doesn't look good to sell the one I have if you cant sell this one.
Maybe because it's oiled?
Was it oiled originally? I don't see that option on the website.
If he is getting 1700$ for these guns - then why can't we sell them for more than half that? crazy!
why are you selling yours?
The new trend is small light guns like 130s not big wood guns, you should know that being a gun builder. No one wants to buy a blue water gun in the winter unless they have a trip planed wait until summer trace! I'd rather have a Wong than a impaler speargun and just from that post I'll never buy a impaler!
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