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Re: NEW Spiny Lobster Commission Approved by Governor.

Originally Posted by carrasco View Post
California Spiny Lobster at $20 Lb? Check out the Redondo Beach Fish Market near the pier. More like $45 Lb.
I have been diving for a while now and "Maybe there would be a few legals past the first couple weeks of the season" is right.

Between the MPLA's and commercial pressure on the resource, there is very little left in way of legal lobsters.

Making matters worse, O.C. divers are all over the LB/LA area- albeit mostly skunking out.

-Stay off my spots!!!!
Lol, should come down to OC on any given Saturday, and count the divers.

To give you a little more color; on Lobster Opener morning this year, I pulled up to the parking lot at the spot. This spot is a long kick from shore (relative to other spots in OC), and is not a large area...I'd say the reef is size of 2-3 basketball courts combined (basically getting at the fact that it's a mediocre, and harder to get to spot). Upon arrival at 5:45am, there were 5 SUV's already parked...making for 6 freedivers (including myself), and 2 scuba…and then a skiff parked out on the reef with another 3 divers on it (normally I would have gone somewhere else, but all the other spots I passed on the way already had numerous diver suiting up!). That totals 11 divers, on one of the less stellar reefs in OC, over about a 2hr period (not including the 3 more divers I saw getting in upon my exit @ 8:30am). Made me wonder; how many total people hit that spot over the course of the entire opening day? 25? 30? How many days can a reef of that size sustain an avg of 5-15 divers hammering it for lobster, before all the lobster are gone? Oh, and by the way...on that opening morning, there were already 50+ trap bouys set around the reef. Sooooo much pressure.

What am I getting at here? Not really sure, just a rant that could take several different paths. For one, its apparent in OC that diving (read: macho spearfishing) is getting mega mega popular...and for good's fun as F. I could go into all of the more esoteric reasons I enjoy it, but “fun” is definitely one of them, so I’m not going to hate on all these people seeking the same “fun” by diving the same spot I am. That would be a double standard. I find it hilarious when “professional” spearo’s/“hardcore” spearo’s/spearfishing brand & shop owners (aka the “influencers” of the sport) flood Instagram with rad pictures of how much fun they’re having slaying big fish…while in the same post including a caption that bashes newbies and “kooks”, or is hyper-protective over a “spot”…lol BRUH…one of the reasons all these newbie/kooks are getting into it is b/c you’re selling the dream on social media!!! Can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Having grown up and surfed in San Clemente for the last 30 years (cuz its FUN), I sorta see diving taking the “Initial-discovery>expansion>fully-saturated” path that surfing has in So-Cal. Personally, I’m going to deal with it, and be friendly to new divers, and spread some sustainable, respectful ethics wherever possible. I think the presence of respect/sustainable practices will bode well for the California spearfishing community in the long run (go surf head high Lowers on a Saturday at 9am and you’ll see what lack of respect looks like…not good!).

In summary; OC is crowded, OC dive spots are getting more crowded, don’t brag on social media if you can’t handle the consequences, respect gets respect, I’m a kook, kooks need love too!


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