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My husband (fishfryer) and I were to go on the JRII this weekend. If it got cancelled - due to the prop situation - a Melbourne Beach Hunt Club member, Cliff H. would have found room on his boat for us.... It is VERY nice to know that if you need someone to stand up when the going gets challenged, that someone else will stand up for you when needed!!!! Thanks Cliff for the open invite!!! Spearfishers (men and women) are a great group and are so willing to help a fellow spearo in their time of need... I have the feeling that with this stellar group of people that things have a tendency to "take care of themselves" and that's due to the camraderie that's present within our sport...kudos to everyone who does their share to make this sport one that everyone's a proud part of.....

Group hug time....LOL!!!! Amazing but somehow true!
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