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Re: Anyone going out this weekend?

Originally Posted by scuba201 View Post
Well it was a bust-for spearfishing. 3' seas made it a bumpy and wet ride about twenty miles offshore. There was only a spot or two open on the rig to tie off to where the boat wouldn't come crashing into the rig. One dude in a new Mako who did not know what the hell he was doing, ended up smashing into the rig broadside.

We had to keep the engine idling in reverse the whole time that we were tied off to avoid hitting the boat next to us. Decided it would not be a good idea to dive with the prop engaged.

Anyway, we limited out on Red Snapper and caught some Vermillion Snapper as well. Saw a very large sea turtle and plenty of porpoise.

Later we anchored about 50-75 yards from the rig and dove to about 50' and were planning to kick our way to rig but quickly changed our minds. Played it safe and surfaced. While stowing our gear one of the boat's left (that had the prime spot on the rig) and two dive charter boats took the spot.

Best part was trading a shrimper a 12 pack of Bud Light for around 25 pounds of fresh shrimp.
Yess! Finally! I've been waiting for the shrimp boats.. I bring a case of beer on most trips just for that reason.

Thanks for the report.
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