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Re: Little Boat

Originally Posted by Cameronv View Post
What you described is a RIB. Light, beach launchable, carries lots of weight, safe, etc.

I've had the living sh!t beaten out of me in a RHIB (retired coastie boat) 22fter crossing san pedro from catalina so there went my aspirations for having a rib. Lots of people love them. Maybe I left too late in the afternoon and didn't pay enough attention to the wind reports.

If this was Australia or New Zealand and we had stabi 16 fters runnin around everywhere I'd say you could possibly afford a small well used one, but this merica, and we're just catchin on to them aussies and kiwis. Only seen a couple round these parts of town.
Stabis are baddas!!!! I'm really interested in the centre cabin. There's a dealer in Oregon and one in Washington. In there's a decent number of 3rd generation used stabis.
good gear? good prices? awesome people? go to or visit Petro's shop brah.
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