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Originally Posted by OBLIGATED View Post
I have been wanting a Red Navigator for longer hauls.My current board will float 400# but its like a long board.I wont be racing because Im old a tore up but the pointed front makes a difference through a chop.Nice art work!
Yeah, planing hulls are fine and tend to be much more stable, but you end up pushing a lot of water instead of cutting through it. Interestingly, in downwind racing, planing hulls take over once the wind hits 25-30 knots, because the swell is usually strong enough to actually 'surf' or plane on the water. While that is great for windy days out in the pacific, we rarely get conditions like that over in the gulf. Either can tackle the chop, but the key is finding a good balance. This 17 foot board works amazing in the open ocean for the same reason you would rather have a 39' fishing boat than a 25' on a rough day in the water. It can bridge the chop (so it never even feels tippy) and even hook into swell to give you some amazing speed. Where you get into trouble is a shorter, narrow, displacement hull board that is loaded up with too much weight (rider, or rider+gear). That is a recipe for disaster.
This board has really opened up my options, as I now have about a 20 mile range without stressing too much. ...a lot of paddling, but I paddle those distances regularly just for fun anyways. Now I can bring home fish to show for it.

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