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Re: She's got a nice rack!

Originally Posted by Sherpa
I'm impressed with the quality and design for a dude who self-admittedly isn't
a mechanical kind of guy.......... it looks excellent for even expert work...

--I'd advise to do this though: go out and buy that section (that you cut)
as a replacement now, while it's readily available and easy to get while you can.

The next guy who buys your boat might not think too highly of the mod, and
you could loose a potential sale because of it.......... You'll have a "spare"

--Sherpa ................... just is case, doncha know....
I'm all over that, in fact I have already inquired about that exactly. I was originally going to do as JimC recommended and remove the stock piece first. I was then going to make a mold of the piece (not me personally, I have a good friend who does that for a living) and make a duplicate piece from the mold to cut up and destroy as necessary. However, when I started to work on getting the original removed I found that it was not only screwed in place and caulked but also the entire area was covered in 3M 5200 to better form a bond between the actual cap and the gunnel cover. I quickly realized that if I tried to remove the original that I would likely destroy a good part of it and that it will be better to just order up a set of spares from the factory. I can only guess what they are going to rob me for to get those...they don't exactly offer those as spares. I'm in good with my dealer so I will hope that they can get the best possible price for me. On another note, one of the things I plan to tidy up on the port side is replacing the bolster cushion for the exposed area of the gunnel that used to be covered by the cushion. I was thinking I would use the existing cushion and modify it, but that may or may not be the best choice. Then again, if I have to replace it a year from now (or later) the pieces I have sitting in my garage will probably be a different shade of white by that time. I may just have to replace the vinyl altogether.

I wouldn't say I'm not mechanically inclined, but that I've never done any sort of wood working or things like this. I can build a mean, sturdy fire station with my son and his legos.
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