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Re: Men are more intelligent than women, claims new study

Originally Posted by bgbill
It may have been posted already, but here is an example.
Hilarious video Bret... and an excellent introduction to our next segment

In yesterday's installment, we read about the role of women from Adam and Eve's time to Industrial Revolution. Our story continues...

Enter the Great Depression. Social policies in the country were mandated to protect our 'social security'. Women were now voting, and voting to chip away at mens ability to be master of their domains. Taxes were increased, gently deceiving men into the concept of an acceptable redistribution of wealth. You can kill a frog by dropping him into a pot of boiling water, or you can put him in a pot and then slowly turn up the heat - either way sooner or later, there's frogs legs on the table. Heavy sigh...

But there's more.

When America emerged from the Great Depression we sent our womenfolk to the factories to work. Why? To defend the free world during World War II, of course! It is no small coincidence that the Baby Boom began in 1946. Men were returning from war with a hardon, and women were lined up to meet them on the shores. Did they all quit their jobs? No. First, they'd voted. And now? They'd tasted financial independence. Over the coming years, more and more women would enter the workforce.

Postwar Baby Boom prosperity once again lulled us into believing that we as men were always to remain the Masters of our Domains. Off to work we went while the ladies mostly stayed home rearing the family. Disposable diapers? Less laundry! Supermarkets emerged, significantly reducing the amount of time women had to spend shopping at the butcher and the baker and the produce stand. "Instant Potatoes" meant our women didn't have to peel, boil and mash our spuds. Yessiree Bob, chicks had more and more time on their hands - to watch television! Soap operas conditioned our women that they should spend hours each day thinking about themselves instead of their families. Shame on us for thinking we could trust our women with so much free time. We're bustin' our bippies to get ahead, and their home expecting what? m - o - r - e

I liken this next phase of our demise to the feeling you get when you watch "JAWS". The shark is approaching. You know that dumb bastard shouldn't be flapping about in those shark filled waters, but you just sit there - powerless - unable to help. There's nothing you can do. The savage female beast has been awakened, the taste of our blood is in the water, and the end approaches.

Enter the 1960's and 70's. The Sexual Revolution. You guys with some silver hair remember those days, right? Everybody was fighting to overthrow 'the establishment'. Our womenfolk had a lot to get off their chests too, right? They started with their bras. This was a move designed to distract us. Once their breasts were free from social norms that bound them, they moved in for the kill. The establishment that women sought to overthrow was none other than us. Laws granting them equal rights were passed. The divorce industry took aim at our wallets with harsh new alimony and child support laws. Did we notice? NO! We were all too busy staring at their recently liberated racks. How intelligent is THAT I ask you!

Speaking of racks, didja ever notice all the magazines at the checkout counter? You won't see any male publications. We read Road and Track, Sports Illustrated and Popular Mechanics but women? Their magazines are entitled Self, Allure, Cosmo etc... While men gravitate towards things and activities, our liberated woman spends her newly found free time primarily concerned with herself.

Flash forward to today, when women are frequently overheard complaining "Where have all the real men gone?" The answer? Into HIDING!!! LOL... But after travelling much of the world for several years, I returned to America to come to the realization that there has been a civil war in the Western Civilization. Women have fought to earn a position in today's society unlike any time in history. And the result of years of civil war? Men are scarred, weary and wary of their newly found adversary.

Women clamor for equality when in fact men and women are NOT equal. Think about it - would YOU want to live in a country that was defended by an entirely female military? We all know that men and women are different, but after 40 years of having militant feminism splattered all over our political agenda, and Patricia Irelands shrill battle cries sounding on CNN 24/7, women are finally waking up to the fact that they went too far.

WreckChick referenced the "new feminism" in an earlier post. Why get a new version of feminism? Perhaps the old one didn't work? For 40 years, militant feminism effectively castrated the very MALE characteristics of what being a REAL MAN is all about. American men are supposedly the leaders of the strongest country in the world. But if you talk to Asian or Latin men? They cannot believe how weak most American men have become.

The Latin American male? He hasn't given up the fight - in fact, he passionately defends any challenge to his role as leader at home, in the workplace and in the political arena.

The Asian male? He hasn't even acknowledged there is a need to fight. Most Asian cultures have a firmly entrenched male leadership.

Women fought to gain "equality" and now they're STILL NOT HAPPY! They earn equal pay, have equal opportunity, gain very UNequal rights via the laws of our family courts. In spite of these new rights, they're finally waking up to the fact that not all women are cut out to be strong, financially independent, career minded, and etc... Women had it pretty good before they got liberated! And so now they're 'adjusting' the goals of feminism...

When our newly liberated women realize that men and women are not entirely equal, and embrace the male/female dynamic once again in the world and in our work place WITHOUT taking offense to men being masculine males and promoting women being feminine females? THAT would be a step BACK in the right direction, and perhaps be an invitation for the "real men" who have been 'missing in action' to return.

Who knows? Maybe enough "real men" will return to take what used to be theirs... either that, or like in the video posted above, we'll finally 'end women's suffrage', and vote ourselves back into fashion again.
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