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Re: Fusion Roller Build

Originally Posted by Mikel_24 View Post
Holy cow! Beautiful!

Just to critizise it a bit... did you consider mounting a vertical reel on the trigger guard so the band attachment points in the underside can me moved even further back getting even more stretch?

Also, could you please elaborate a bit more about that carbon fiber reinforced handle and the paint job? Did you reinforce, give it a coat of epoxy to even things out, airbruss paint over it and finally coat it again?

I am asking because usually CF reinforcements kind of print through the epoxy unless is veeeeeeeeeery thick... and I don't see any of that in your gun.

Great job as always!

The first thing I noticed after looking at the assembled gun was the wasted real estate that could have been used to get some more band stretch I didn't have any vertical reels on hand when I was building and just grabbed that one because it fit the space nicely. Sometimes during a build I get fixated on one or two details and then space on an important one like that. These are the lessons that you sometimes learn the hard way.

The handle was skinned with carbon fiber. I used pigment rather than paint but it totally covered any evidence of the carbon hiding under it (there is a spot or two on the underside of the trigger guard where you can see some black coming through). As far as thick goes you are right. I probably have ten coats on the gun I usually only do six. I was done at seven but then the organizers of the contest sent a sticker to put on the gun so I had to do another three to cover it up

I actually made a time-lapse of the carbon work on this build

The pigments I use are from Black Diamond
So far I've only tried them on mahogany but they create a really cool finish with flecks of sparkle you don't see in the photos. In sunlight these finishes look like something you would see on a vintage muscle car.
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