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Re: Fusion Roller Build

BTW I know you have been using MVD vertical reels in the past (Soft Touch model I recall). Some spearos complain about the freespool feature leading to tangles... and preffer reels with a permanent (adjustable) drag. Well, MVD has just released a new model with this particular feature. I though it was worth mentioning just in case you need to buy new ones!
Good to know. Put me on the list of those not crazy about how the drag works on this version of the MVD reel. I'll have to check out the newer version.

I see that the during the initial layout the cloth seems to stick fairly well to the stock. Did you just put some epoxy on the wood and waited for it to gel a little for the cloth to stick? Or do you have a different trick you could share with us?
I use spray adhesive on the part and on the cloth to tack it in place before saturating with a good coat of epoxy.

I know that arround here everyone who builds guns and their mothers use Phil's epoxy. I am 100% sure it is a great product but there are products out there with specific formulations that might work better.

For instance, during my first build I used the same resin to laminate the wood and to clear coat it. The problem I faced (even though I used a rottisiere system) is that this particular epoxy had a too long time to gel/set. And during this long time, it had time to run away from the vinils (surface tension bla bla bla). It took me several coats to get the finish I wanted.

I used all the remaining reesing to glue together some more blanks and bought new products for the next gun. But this time I bought one product to laminate (haven't used it yet) and a different one for the clear coat. This second product was specially formulated as a top coat. It goes on thick, doesn't run away as easy, gels faster and only requires one coat (or two at most).

It also takes the pigments well (used to give a solid orange color to the handle).

You can browse through it with Google Translator if needed. You can also download the datasheets.

Maybe even Phil could provide you with a similar product.

But again, the gun is absolutely stunning! Not critizicing!

Phil's stuff is great, it took me a few builds but now I'm comfortable working with it and get consistent results. I don't have a rotisserie setup, I hang my guns vertically so multiple thin coats is what I do when building up a thick shell like on this gun.
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