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Re: What To Do About Rubber Rot (gummy bungees)?

Originally Posted by Rob Allen View Post
We don't use latex rubber on bungees for just this reason, we use a type of TPE. It still degrades but over a much longer period. It's not as stretchy but more than sufficient.
Yeah, I think I got some snippets of yours from a friend and dealer in China. Definitely doesn't have that tearing issue as a lot of silicones. Was just out of it, so had to resort to the "classic" rubber. Especially when you rig simple guns for friends who are not yet proficient at making or changing out this stuff themselves, it makes a whole lot of sense to go with a bungee that doesn't rot away in a few months.
I do still think some metals can accelerate the rot, but lesson learned, just stay away from normal rubber from now on - and get a proper reel for my own reef guns.
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