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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by saltierdog View Post
In life as in spearfishing you gotta pay your dues show up and sometimes take charge of your situation. This is even more true when traveling abroad on a spearfishing trip. Tim is a creator of spearfishing dreams for many and a I really can't tell you how many times I've shown up in other places sometimes on the other side of the planet (but countless times in Mex) when things just don't work out, people don't show up on time, things break down, or your stuck in life threatening pearl due to unanticipated weather complicating all the above and the coast guard isn't coming for you... Bottom line Tim would be there for his guests to get them out if things really were going bad.
and did I say...
timing is everything
better luck next time
and over all the following years in your spearfishing adventures

Saltier Dog,

in response to the first part of your post, the reason why we pay people like Tim and patronize such "reputable" operations is to avoid the type of drama you are describing. Otherwise, I would have saved a heap of cash by flying down, renting a hotel and hiring a panguero to take out my group.

As for the second part of your post... "Bottom line Tim would be there for his guests to get them out if things really were going bad." (and) ..."negotiator between the gringo and the locals in all things."

Your statements would only make sense if I had committed a crime and needed to be gotten out! No place in my thread did it say anything remotely close to that. I would expect that guest or not, wrongdoers would be turned in to answer for their crimes, whether here at home, or anywhere abroad. Covering up for guests is the same as committing a crime yourself.

What did you do?
Otherwise, I am at a loss as to the substance of your comment.

Anyway, I do quite well with my spearfishing and really never consider luck as having much to do with it.
Cheers right back!

I live for days like these!
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