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Re: Palapas Ventana Flop

Originally Posted by nilsonov View Post
A side note on the area…since this has nothing to do with Palapas V….
Just got back with the fam from La Ventana (the town, not the spear/kite outfit). Amazing place, and definitely the fishiest I've ever seen in my travels. Also a million things to do besides TV if not spearing/kiting (La Paz(about 50 things to do here alone), whale shark tours, sea lion tours, whale tours, scuba, snorkeling, mountain spring hiking, mountain biking, more snorkeling, deserted beach exploring, deserted island exploring, and doing it all while enjoying the best food I’ve had in a'd take months to really take in everything).

La Paz as a city was full of life at night and way more family friendly than your typical vacation town. Vast majority of tourists were mainlander Mexicans.
Did a tour with a reputable company with a newer 120HP Suzuki panga to swim with sea lions...about a 60 mile round trip. About 5 miles into return, prop starts slipping at anything over 4k revs, so we're stuck crawling at trolling speed enjoying the sun set. Shit happens, kids took a nap, got to know the other passengers, and recounted the great vac days.
1. 25 miles out to sea in a panga.
2. The sun is setting.
3. Your kids are with you.
4. You are told you have a slipping prop and have to crawl back to port for however long.

Are you really saying that you were not the least bit worried (even for your family) but instead just spent the time stargazing and exchanging tourist stories the whole time?
Ok, I guess in your case “shit happens!”

In our case however;
I say “F that”- one day breaking down of three maybe, but two days of breakdowns out of three days out I call BS!

By the sound of it, I guess that you would STILL just say “Oh well, Shit Happens?”

To each his own!

I live for days like these!

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