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Re: 2L coke bottle float

Coke bottles are quite strong. They explode at 10bar of air, most floats go up to 2-3bar recommended pressure. So if you inflate the coke bottle to 4-6 bar it should be quite stable and will not crush until 30-50 meters deep. Line is dyneema or spectra core, same as reel line. Figure of 8 to create a larkshead that attaches to the coke bottle neck, and add two constructor knots just to be sure it doesn't come off. The figure 8 knot is just the right length so that the larkshead is "locked" in place around the neck by acting as a stopper to avoid it loosening at all since plastic is slippery and the neck ring is thin. I'll upload a picture tonight. The downfall is the limited buoyancy offered by a 2L float. Great for making sure you dont drop your speargun or polespear in the deep, but probably not for fighting fish unless you daisy chain them or something. Its a free float you can pick up anywhere when travelling, add your caps with the inflate valve and good to go.

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