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Mr. Mandatory Pony Bottle Activist

While others risk dehydration from being geared-up for ten minutes, you incessantly discuss the need for your pony bottle. You will NOT be cajoled into diving without it, in spite of the fact that you have a fully jacked LP120 on your back, and the dive is on a rock in 12 ft off Bayport.
“Fully jacked 120…..”
While others cry out, “Get your ass ready,” you wax poetically about the intricacies of the Scuba Dubba surgical tube system. You remind your misguided partners that you can drown in 12 ft of water as easily as 100 ft…
“Bunch of dumb-ass renegades they are……”
And if they don’t even bother to input the gas mix because it’s in 12 ft, then it’s their ass. You, Mr. Mandatory Pony Bottle Activist, will cross check your Pony mix with tables and computers, writing the MOD in large red letters. And if you lose your pony bottle…(I am stopping right there )
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