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Here's to you Mr. Zen Freedive Master

While others don bc's and regulators you slip quietly into the water wearing nothing but a bannana hammock. Like a crouching tiger you hold your pneumatic 140cm gun at the ready. You pose...invisible in the weed lines awaiting a moment where your sculpted perfection becomes one with the sea. When regular guys ask you how you do it. You just say, "Tanks, we don't need no stinkin' tanks"
"We don't need no stinkin' tanks..."
While others switch out gear and check computers, you sit as a buddha transfixed on the bow of the boat with your face to the sun and reenergize the beast within.
"The beast within..."
Nothing compares to you. You are one with the sea.
So here's to you Mr. Zen Freedive Master. Without you, we would never know just how good it could be.
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