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Looking for S. FL or SWFL Freedive Charter

Heading to FL unexpectedly for two weeks on 26 July. We're actually moving to Indonesia for a year but our visas have been delayed, so I figured I'd fly home to Miami to see family. I def need to dive while there. I've been wanting to check out SWFL too.

Any recommendations on a good freedive spearfishing charter out of St. Pete/Naples or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale? I'm hoping to dive 3-5 days during this trip.

Also, if anyone is boat diving during this time I'd be willing to pay fuel etc to come along.

I'm a CenCal spearo, FII level 1, and both reef/bluewater experience in Cali and Mexico. Just really want to experience FL again since I haven't dove there since I was a teenager growing up in Miami.


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