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Thumbs up WoW PLUG for Neptonics!!

Ok I have had by far the most help ever period from Josh from Neptonics....
I mean WOW............
Guy has spent well over two hours on the phone with me as I navigate my way into buying some bigger equipment....
Helped me with everything...even the emergancy spear ....found me a local guy who milled down my shaft to fit the (was impossible to find becouse it was totaly sold everywhere else out but still managed to find some for me) mori slip tip......

SAVED my entire dive trip...and he did it on a weekend!! I am talking GReAt cust service...and here is the best part....his equipment is amazing...

Top of the line......I got one of his bunjee/float line/kelp carrot set ups ..its all intergrated...amazing stuff.....and went w/ his break away clip ..always nice to have on hand ...

If you need to talk to somone who will really take care of his customers get a hold of Neptonics!
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