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Re: DUMB ASS NEWBIE PONY MISTAKE, Don't be that guy!

When I first changed to pony (after a first stage wide open free-flow failure at 90 to 100 feet) I bought a 1st stage for the pony and used my existing octopus 2nd stage for the pony rig. That put me in the same position you are currently in. To differentiate the two identical 2nd stages, I put a wrap of white electrical tape around the hose of the pony near the 2nd stage so I could visually tell the difference.

Later I changed to one of the flatter "pancake" yellow 2nd stages and put it on a lanyard around my neck. That worked pretty good until I crushed it chest loading my speargun

Now I clip it on a D-ring on my right shoulder. That keeps it quickly available, but clear of the gun loading area.
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