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Re: Poll:How deep do you actually spearfish?

Not over 130 FSW, too old and too wise for the bounce dives to deep depths of my younger days. I like shallow depths better, but I go where the fish are. There are a lot more rules and with the more restrictive bag limits, I am officially a Lionfish spearo, LoL and drag the blue water gun along in case I see a big one. I just like to eat fish! When I was a "Skin Diver", I could manage almost 4 mins of breath hold and hit 80-90 feet. It was hard work and I was challenging myself. I out grew that mentality. I also used to be an avid (read "fanatical" deer hunter) using a recurve bow and handmade arrows, a flintlock Kentucky rifle, and even killed pigs with a spear. now it is a really good nap in the woods! I haven't shot one in 3 years. I enjoy the social parts and helping my daughter become proficient. I enjoy diving and harvesting fish, and enjoy not being "driven" to prove anything to anybody except for my stomach.
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