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Re: Why do we open the end of an enclosed track?

Originally Posted by popgun pete View Post
If the spear hits something before it fully clears the enclosed track then it will bust the end of the track as the shaft levers on the gun body. Also it gives the shaft tabs a chance to align in the track slot when you first feed the shaft tail into the gun muzzle.
I agree Pete. If you do a lot of shooting under wrecks/ledges, or if you take a real close shot on large fish, you run a much higher risk of damaging or even breaking off the end of the gun if the spearshaft does not fully exit the gun. Enclosed track guns do not have a lot of wood left between the bottom of the track and the top of the slot where the bands install. Therefore one way to lessen the chance of the gun breaking in this area, some mfg’s remove the track to the back of the muzzle slot. Like spearq8 says, this also makes it easier to insert the shaft.
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