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Re: Why do we open the end of an enclosed track?

Originally Posted by Spear One View Post
The smart use of social media has played a big part in the growth and popularity of enclosed track guns especially among millennials. They have also used “brand influencers” to promote them as well. The unfortunate part is many of these guys promote only the perceived positives of enclosed track and almost never take the time to mention the downsides of enclosed track. I have talked to many spearfishermen who bought an enclosed track gun and quickly discovered the downsides and are disappointed with their purchase.

When I do a spearfishing seminar or have the opportunity to have a one on one discussion with a perspective buyer, I always make it a point to tell them the advantages and the disadvantages of the speargun based on which rigging options they choose. I ask them what type of spearfishing they currently do or plan to do, and where they want to be in a few years. Only then can I make a short term and a long term recommendation on what will be the best rigging option for them. Once a perspective buyer understands all his or her options and the pluses and minuses of their decisions, the buyer is rarely unhappy with their purchase. I manufacture spearguns and I hope that folks buy them. However, any buyer should do their homework and make an informed purchase decision based on that homework.

Yeah and I've definitely had guys come back after a year or so and say yeah I probably didn't need an enclosed track on this gun. I think it's something they think about when they dream up what kind of gun they want, then after some time shooting the gun they realize it's not necessary and might even be limiting the gun a bit.
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