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Re: Thoughts on Abellan Albacore 130 vs Bleutec Oceanborn 125 & King Cobra

Originally Posted by jstiver09 View Post
Everyone has their own opinion. I have owned both Oceanborn and Albacore...The Oceanborn is a very well built gun. You do have to reach for the trigger which killed my thumb when firing it...I am sure that could be modified. Also, it came with 4x16mm bands which did not perform well for me at all...but an easy fix. I believe that if you are a carbon fiber guy then it needs to be on the top of your short list. Ultimately, the things that made me decide to keep the Albacore was that it was much quieter when fired, I preferred the handle much more over the OB, and I am more of a wood gun guy. I know of quite a few guys successfully taking big tuna with the Albacore. I have never heard anyone say they felt undergunned using the Albacore 130 either...and the 2 side by side testing done with the OB145 and the Albacore 130 (142cm real stretch), that I know of, the Albacore outperformed the OB in one and equal in the other.
buy the Albacore, and with the change [vs the Bleutec] and all the good advice here on SB and Majd's Youtube, carbon sleeve it.
Easiest gun to shoot and it'll last for donkeys
If thats not enough grunt for you, cut those small ID bands down to 4X stretch
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