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Re: Thoughts on Abellan Albacore 130 vs Bleutec Oceanborn 125 & King Cobra

Actually the 400% stretch is a good point. If you have managed to control things with a handle mod, an 8.5mm shaft is really going to love that additional power. As mentioned in an earlier post, I accidentally setup the Albacore 130 at 390% or 395% stretch ... and performance went through the roof. At 7m the shaft went straight through the tuna test target ... at 8m it went through and stopped when the double wrap ended. You could still feel the tug at the end of the shooting line after it had penetrated the target. Accuracy was unchanged as even my friend who has never shot the gun, was able to put all his shots within 1" center of the aim point at 6m. No drop whatsoever all the way to 7m. I mean think about that ... you aim at something at 7m and the shaft impacts exactly there! I think few people would feel comfortable loading at 390% or 400%, but the Albacore can easily add 5cm to 6cm of band stretch to the stock without changing the shaft length ... this extra band stretch would allow you to get approximately the same power with only 380% stretch, because now you have additional 5cm to 6cm of band stretch.
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