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Thoughts on Abellan Albacore 130 vs Bleutec Oceanborn 125 & King Cobra

Of course the bands are angled slightly downwards since they wrap around the front of the gun a cm or two below the level of the shaft. There is no hype train with Abellan guns. No magic either. Just a very well designed gun that comes dialed in and accurate out of the box. If you dislike a gun for that, then your mistake.

I have to disagree with Dr. P that bands lying flat are only a function of the way it is rigged. Many guns with a traditional band slot and 3 or more bands will not lay flat (at least near the muzzle) not matter how you rig. Individual band grooves can re-route them to a good alignment but often times costs band stretch. It is very difficult to have a 3+band gun where the bands truly lie correctly.

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