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Re: Thoughts on Abellan Albacore 130 vs Bleutec Oceanborn 125 & King Cobra

Originally Posted by jstiver09 View Post
I have to disagree with Dr. P that bands lying flat are only a function of the way it is rigged. Many guns with a traditional band slot and 3 or more bands will not lay flat (at least near the muzzle) not matter how you rig.
Agree 100%. It isn't until you play around with a few multiband guns in the water and on dry land that you realise this.
I used to own a big American cannon (thick 9.5mm shaft...4 bands.. double wrap... the lot) and no matter how you load the bands, they would not lay nice and flat... very noticeable muzzle flip. I sold it for less than half what I paid.
These new European rear handled tuna guns make me drool. I'm gonna keep saving my pennies until my next trip up north

This is a great thread! Would love to hear more from the guys who kill it with these high end guns
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