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Re: Technical Spearfishing Instruction

Originally Posted by dagodiver
I agree with Chad and Moose all the way but I dont agree with this statement at all.
Any bad situation at depth is a task.
It wasnt but a few weeks ago that I responded to a thread about breathing the wrong reg and got pm's about why my way was the wrong way so I wont get into those anymore but you have to be comfortable deep and know how to handle all situations BEFORE you plan on going down there to shot the big one.
Rant over.

Mike, what I mean by "non-task" is anything other than the aspects of surviving the dive and the inherent hazards associated with the dive itself. Adding any activity that would distract from or complicate the dive, I would refer to as a task, for example: Removing the bell from an unidentified wreck , or replacing hardware on an oil rig platform.
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