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Re: Technical Spearfishing Instruction

From the posts I have seen on SpearBoard, Team HeadHunter is not only TopGun, but perhaps some of the first person(s) to seriously explore a relatively new facet of diving, technical spearin’.

I would suggest anyone considering crossing the threshold into planned decompression diving to understand that its NOT “just like recreational diving, but deeper”. That kind of thinking is the first nail on your coffin. Decompression diving is way more than that, and it requires a total re-evaluation of your skills, everything you learned, your gear, etc.

Although ocean diving is quite different, the cave community worked out most (not all) of the problems years ago, and many of their solutions are relevent today, e.g., redundancy, use of multiple regs, etc. It seems people keep trying to “reinvent the wheel” from my observations. BTW, I’m not a cave diver.

Anyone interested in pursuing advanced certifications with the idea of using them to spearfish, in my opinion, should start with an instructor well versed in spearfishing (go see Chad), and then remember that the cert is nothing more than a license to learn.

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