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Re: Towing a Freediver - Techniques?

Originally Posted by florfreediver View Post
Thanks for the various suggestions.

However will continue with my quest to find a one handed tow technique.
I believe the "saddle: analogy will be the way.

I will try one of my RA floats tied on and held between my thighs.
Together with a handle or knot in the tow rope, strategically 2-3ft ahead of the RA float, may prove the answer. Or not.

Hopefully I get a chance in too distant future to try it out and report back.

Marcus, how the hell do you whistle whilst being towed, especially with a snorkel in mouth

You might want something more neutrally buoyant than a RA float if you're trying the saddle idea. I've seen how a RA float acts when towed behind a boat and you'd be in for quite the ride.

Almost think if you had an older RA float you didn't mind sacrificing for the purpose and could cut off the back end and remove most of the foam inside it would be perfect.

With a polespear you can loop the band around your shoulder and still hang on, I'll usually have a polespear and my lobster noose looped over my shoulder while being towed - takes a bit of getting used to be once you figure it out it's nice to have everything with you so you don't need to wait for the boat.
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