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Re: where in the world holds the best opportunity to thrive?

Originally Posted by 2fishin2 View Post
And now we are preaching on SB. Whatís next selling medical MJ? wtfo?
Originally Posted by 2fishin2 View Post
Not at all.

Itís just like WTF does our Christian population not miss a beat when it comes down to trying and force religion down peopleís throats.

One thing true about your question....Iíve lived overseas since 1991 nonstop. Grass is not greener. Things seem to be better on the surface in some other countries however, they are worse than here.
I'm sorry all two paragraphs of that was pushed down your virgin throat.

It must have been very difficult for you.

Have you thought about seeking the services of a theological rape counselor? We all understand how traumatic it can be to have other people's ideas forced on your unspoiled mind.
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