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Re: Best free or best value video editor?

Adobe premiere is free ?
When you buy a camera for > $200 you should have a working software that really works, not pretend to work.

There are 3 problems with Quick free for Gopro :
1)you are limited to produce a 1 minute video from all your clips
2)you have to include the provided music in your video since their is no option to use only the recorded sound of your movie
3) it is actually not so easy to show exactly what you want to show since the software edits and synchronize the clips with the music. The result may look fancy, but it may not be what you want.

To me that rules out Quick as a good software, Quick works, but it is substandard because it doesn't give you total freedom for editing.

Also, that's incredible to believe but since Quick (the free version) forces you to include a music soundtrack, some people have reported that they have run into copyright issues with the music after they had uploaded their video to youtube. It never happened to me, but I read a complain about it.
The fix for all of that, is, you bet correctly, to buy the non free version of Quick....
but isn't it a rip-off for a $200 camera ?

Gopro Studio 2.0 now : it comes with Quick, it is very good, If, IF, IF, it works, but for many, including me, it crashes or freezes all the time.
The old version worked flawlessly. Do NOT install the new one (which comes with Quick) if you get a new camera or you run a serious risk of loosing your only editing software. Or find a way to preserve your old version of Gopro Studio.
If you get stuck with a non-working Gopro Studio 2.0, know that Windows movie maker won't produce videos as good as Gopro Studio with your clips.

A trick for those who have installed the new Gopro Studio that comes with Quick : If Studio crashes all the time and you have tried all the Gopro FAQ troubleshootings, like me, you may have a better luck if you use the provided templates to edit your clips in step 2. If a clip is rejected when you insert it in the template, remove that clip. If the edit still freezes, try a different template or download a new one from gopro. That may work, sometimes...

My system (Windows 7) is way above the minimal requirement to run Gopro Studio (RAM and graphic card). The only thing though, is that it is an AMD-CPU (FX6150) based system and it is very possible that Studio has some issue with AMD, of course GOPRO will never admit it officially on his website, because that means that there is nothing wrong with your system, it is Gopro Studio that needs recoding. I say that, because I have installed Gopro Studio 2.0 on an Intel-based CPU system and it works flawlessly.
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