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Re: Fishing/Spearing in April in Pensacola area?

from 9th Ave near I-10 you'll have several choices for launching
there is a new launch off of Barancas Ave on Bayou Chico..theres the old faithful at the N.E. end of the 3 mile bridge but with new bridge being built that would be a challenge there's Navy Point off of Sunset
..all are good choices
MBT is convenient to both of those as a dive shop
if your military you could launch at Sherman's Cove on base
April has all kinds of great fishing with the water warming up but watch the seasons CLOSELY...they change the damn things daily it seems
water temp should be in the mid 60's if this unbelievable cold we've had returns to more normal
lionfish in large quantities are best found in 90+ feet of water. To get lots you need to hit small private stuff.
if you do feel the urge to go after them let me know and I can shoot you a few private numbers where you should kill some. enjoy your visit!
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