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Red Kayak proves Tasty to 20' GW...10/7/19

...The diver felt a strong nudge against his kayak, spinning it 180 degrees. Looking over, he observed the large head of a great white attached across the hull, just behind the seat. The great fish hung on for 5 to 6 seconds, then, let go. Later, back at the beach, the kayaker found 2 very large teeth embedded in the kayak's hull. He estimated the length of the great white to be at least 19, and probably, 20' long...One photo clearly shows both teeth were the full width of a dollar bill when placed next to George Washington's head..
...Commercial fishermen say red and yellow are the two most attractive colors for catching the attention of sharks. His kayak was red in the front and yellow on the back half; perfect shark bait.....Fortunately, the fish chose yellow for his meal of the day... From the background in the photo, I surmise the incident occurred up at the Isthmus.... Once again, Catalina island becomes the playground of both, man and beast.
Update: The incident occurred near Ship Rock, where a group from the Emerald Bay Boy Scout camp were enroute to scuba dive...Ch. 10, San Diego has some video/photos of the interview...

Moral: In this life, timing is everything.....

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