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Re: Red Kayak proves Tasty to 20' GW...10/7/19

Today, online, there is great GoPro video of an Australian diver (Joe Petrovich) fending off a great white while spearfishing. As the shark closed in, he prodded it with his speargun, at which time, the shark snapped around and tried to bite the gun...The video has sound, with a few curse words that sound more like gurgles, as he faces off with the fish....
...The lesson here, is it is probably not a good idea to poke sharks, except as a last resort. Despite repeated passes by the shark, he made it back to his boat in one piece...Joe had fish on a belt stringer at the time. Unknown if he defended his catch or let it loose in the interest of ocean is on Buzz, as a "Caters clips" episode.

Did I mention? In this life, timing is everything.....

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