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Re: My Carbo

Originally Posted by triponempa View Post
I hope you weren't poaching- it was you who clearly told a story of shooting your black with the long story - then you typed the third from last sentence- "I watched Matt shoot his first black a minute later about 8 lbs. Myself Matt, and Cameron EACH shot a COUPLE smaller blacks" this was what you typed .
Either you meant to put it another way- or you were poaching.
You typed it.
So to recap - you told the detailed story about the nice black you got - then said each of you shot a couple smaller blacks.
I'm sure you are really a tough guy - despite what your pics would suggest - so I definatly don't want you mad at me- but you clearly said what you said- and it sounds like you each shot a couple smaller blacks- AFTER shooting your first one. It was either a typo or you don't know the rules. Either way- I will be the bad guy for calling it out- ID care if you like it. I live here.
Poach your own waters and I won't say a word.
You shoot commercial too huh? never got a black before though? hmmmmm
I'm sorry you decided to look at my post with jealousy or hate, that's obvious. There was 5 shooters on the boat, 3 were shot off one spot with 4 divers, and I shot another the next day elsewhere.
You seem like a washed up shooter who couldn't cut it w the real shooters, being you can't make a living doing it. I know many who make it happen all year long shooting fish. Please don't try to rain on someone's parade or bash someone's post with some garbage you expressed.
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