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Re: The freediver's safety vest--IT'S ABOUT TIME!

One of my best friends have a SWB episode while I was diving with him some 20 years ago. He blacked out about 20 feet from the surface. By the time I swam over him and descended, he had dropped to almost 50', well beyond what I had ever free dove before. As I grabbed him by the collar and started back up, I thought there was no way we would make it, but the Lord gave me the strength, and we made the surface. Upon raising his head above the water, he started coughing and woke up, not even realizing he had passed out.
This safety vest will undoubtedly save many lives, that dive buddies would be unable to. Kudo's to these guys for the time, money, and effort they are investing to develop this. Is this the one Sheri Daye had some input on?
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