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Re: Ankle Weights

Originally Posted by MAKO Spearguns View Post
Hey John,

Thanks for the information. I don't know who it was at my showroom that you spoke to, but you certainly can get a replacement for just one.
I have plenty of them in stock.

Please call me tomorrow and I would be happy to send to you a pair of them, free of charge.

By the way, how did they work for you? I can't dive without them, even in warm water. Before I made the prototypes, I tried the ankle weights,
but they were much too clumsy. Because mine are so streamlined, there is basically zero drag.
And, since the are positioned a bit higher up on your lower leg, you don't even know they are there.

Thanks again, John, for bringing this to my attention.

Please call me tomorrow and I will take care of you. If I am not in, just leave your number and I will call you back.

Oh yeah..One more thing, guys.. I also sell single fin replacements in case you drop a fin overboard, you don't have to buy two.

Thanks guys,
dive safe,
Thanks, I appreciate it.
I used them, this time of the year, with my 5mm opencell and found them to be quite helpful.
I look forward to using them again. I'll be in contact early next week.
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