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Re: Panga Question

I do not know what hulls you are comparing, but the Panga boats work well when light and simple. You do not need a 140 hp motor (My opinion) and you should run your hull loaded before you commit to trim tabs. You might not need them if not overloaded. Tabs may create problem mounting a transom mount transducer unless you do a shoot through or through hull.
You might like the long skinny hull's ride better than the shorter heavier wider 21' hull that uses much more fuel.
You might find that a lighter weight 90 horse motor is plenty on the hull.
That 140 is what I could have hung on my 27' x 7'2" hull.
I bought a DF200A that pushes my hull a totally unnecessary 50 mph. Way overkill. I believe these hulls are better suited to running 25 mph.
Before changing to proper prop size while doing break in hours, we ran 25 mph 4000 rpm burning 5 gallons per hour with full fuel, 3 fat guys and the motor bracket flooded because no body noticed the plug was missing.
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