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Re: Panga Question

[quote=jbsrq;2132218]I used to work for a panga style boat builder and had a 23' demo boat that I ran at least once a week for a year. They are certainly a great versatile boat with a shallow draft yet very seaworthy hull. I am not sure what your general sea conditions are like but I will share my experience. Pangas have awesome fuel efficiency with low horsepower as a plus. Over here on the gulf coast of Florida we deal with short period wind chop very often and the panga style boat does not run well in that from my experience. I have seen pangas handle very large long period swells with easy but the flatter deadrise doesn't like two to three foot wind chop at all. We ended up getting wet and beat up a lot of the time. After running the panga for a year I ended up buying the heaviest 23' deep vee boat I could find. It is much better suited for short period wind chop in my opinion. I'm sure others have experiences they can share but in my opinion it all comes down to the conditions you run in.[/QUOTE

Well said.
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