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Re: (New!!!) Blue Wild Photo/Video Contest

Some of you are arguing with strawmen so I will reemphasize that a)This is not an argument with Sheri and her continued hard work on this awesome event b)This is not an argument that the judges were dishonorable c)This is not an argument that Kraken should have won.

As a forward, I have no idea who Kraken is; maybe I wouldn't even like him if and when I met him, but a reasonably subjective call does not place his video outside of the top ten. I also recognize that I'm not going to make any friends sticking my neck out for some guy I don't know on the internet.

With that said, having his video not even place is not a matter of personal taste: his video was objectively well done in almost every measurable way. Even if you hate Dubstep, the video was still incredible on mute (that's how I first watched it at work). How his video was forgotten in the results is dumbfounding and blindly ignoring or pushing off any concerns about this is doing a disservice to both the community at large who contributed, but especially to Kraken who obviously busted his butt, putting many, many hours into this production, to create a work of passion that has been seemingly thrown to the wayside as just one of many.

I'm not sure what happened, but the only conclusions I can guess at would be that he was disqualified due to a rule I haven't heard, or was missed on accident when voting or submitting the original final videos; my best guess is probably the latter but I just wish we had an answer one way or the other.

Michael †

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