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Re: (New!!!) Blue Wild Photo/Video Contest

The winning video was 3:46 long. And even when edited down ( after the contest was final) it was still too long (by nearly 13 second). If that's the case then I think all of the top 10 videos should be allowed a grace period to re edit their videos and fix the issues just like the winner did. Honestly, I really do appreciate the critiques on my video. It gives me areas to work on and that's what I appreciate most. But I personally don't mind that my video was not chosen in the top. I never had an issue with that because I respect the decision. I just wanted to know how the judging was broken down and what sort of leeway was allowed for the winner. No accusations against anyone, just curious. I could also understand if no one had brought up the question on how strict you would be ruling on time limits but I had specifically asked you and you stated that not even a 3:30 long video would be accepted and it should be 3:00 Max.

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Johnoly, that is a pretty eye-catching picture alright! Wow!

I agree with the points you are making and we will definitely "tweak"" the rules next year, including the fact that you must be present to win. I don't think Todd Essick is entering the he? We don't have very many entries, so the odds are with you!

Yes, Kraken, the video is limited to 3:00 minutes max. Maybe you can edit it down to 3:00 without losing too much? Good luck!!!

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