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Re: DIY waterproof DC power connections

Update since somebody was asking me for info on building a fuse box...

Getting into more expensive territory since you absolutely need a proper crimping tool ($30 from Amazon) to use the JAE motorcycle connects but in my case it was money well spent...

Been using these fuse boxes on the kaboat all winter. Besides some splashing and some mechanical stress from living on the transom they have been subjected to no real punishment until Sunday. We had some engine trouble and the unit spent about 30 minutes mostly underwater as waves were coming in faster than we could bail, with no electrical problems. Mine are epoxy potted into a 3d printed nylon shell but the clear removal cover is the stock JAE:

The back of the stock fuse box looked like a definite weak point for submersion, not an issue for my build but anyone else looking to use them in a marine environment should probably find a way to seal those openings.

Click image for larger version

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That is the junction box they went in, up there on the upper left. This system is different from the builds I started with where I put batteries and fuses inside a dry box together, current one is more modular with JAE connectors inside PEX, connecting the different components. Battery(s) are separate, and in their own completely diveproof box; very happy with it, held up flawlessly, now if I could say the same for my engine...

The kaboat review on my YouTube channel has more coverage of the unit.

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