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Re: 100 Ways for a Rig Diver to Die

Great thread. I'll add something I've learned to be more cautious of.

It has already been discussed to ascend with your hand above your head when freediving (even if you see nothing above you a wave could still send you into an elevated pipe once you breach the surface). You should also be very aware when descending. I usually try to keep my speargun/shaft tip in front of my head for protection, but that doesn't always work and I have broke the murk and hit/cut my head on a deck before (if I was kicking a little harder, who knows could have been knocked out). The last trip I was on I also broke the murk to see a random 10" open vertical pipe staring me in the face so don't get complacent and think that following a main rig leg down will keep you in the clear from hitting anything.

Stay safe out there. Let's hear some more tips.
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