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Lordy Frank - that is a beast!

Way to get best grouper! 79 pounds at the weigh-in.

Originally Posted by AbDiver View Post
Since the weather kept changing we didn't know if we would make it out to any good spots but we planned on going as far as the seas would let us. Headed to the first drop in 140 feet 50 miles out. Conditions were surprising good and we made 30 knots the whole way with no problem. Saw a good show so I suited up and made the drop. Visibility was excellent and when I got to 100 ft I could make out the ledge and saw what I was looking for. He charged up in the water column at me and then turned and headed for the ledge. I looked in the opening but it was dusted up and I couldn't see a good shot. Looked on top of the ledge and there was a nice hole and all I could see was the top of the carbo. I decided to take a shot and pin him in the ledge so he couldn't get away. This caused a lot more commotion and now it was really dusted up so I went to another pothole nearby to see if I could get a few snapper while the dust settled. I reach for my stringer to get it ready and there is no stringer on my clip. I decide not to mess around with the snapper and head back to take care of the carbo. I come around to the ledge and things have cleared up so I take a look and see the head just sticking out of the ledge. I get a good shot to the head and get a good hold of his throat and pull him out. He is really mad now and it takes a minute to get him under control so I check my computer and still have a minute before deco so I head up and get him on the boat. It was a great way to start the day.

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